Kickstarter might be over but the Minuteman will Prevail

So those of you who have been following us know that our Kickstarter campaign concluded and we failed to reach our target funding amount by a bit over $1000. It’s a little disappointing to have fallen short of the target goal, especially when we were really cruising along at the beginning, but that’s how it […]

The Minuteman Kickstarter Campaign is Live

Great news everyone! We’ve just launched the Kickster campaign for our upcoming Minuteman Android app.Feel free to visit the Minuteman Kickstarter Page or the official Minuteman Landing Page to learn more about this quirky, useful and very fun project! We’ve set ourselves the modest goal of $3000 which we hope to raise by this time next month. This […]

minuteman android app

The Minuteman landing page is now live

  Things have been hectic here at JaPache Web Solutions these past few weeks. Not only have we had to contend with our regular workload of contracts, clients and on-call tech support, but we’ve been busy as bees trying to wrap everything up in time for the upcoming kickstarter launch of our new product, Minuteman. […]

event system for website

Mega Menu and Event System

We’ve recently completed some work for a new client of ours: CG Architect, the leading online magazine, hub and resource for architectural and visual design professionals. The two new features that we will focus on today are the “mega menu” and an event system. The modular nature of the mega menu permits site administrators to […]

minuteman android app logo

Minuteman Android App is Coming Soon

Somehow amid all these other projects we’ve managed to find the time to work an Android App which we hope to release soon called Minuteman.

21st Century Food Development Blog

After a lengthy round of much needed updates and additions, 21st Century Food is finally starting to enjoy the benefits that a modern look, system and behind-the-scenes operations can bestow. This development blog lists some of the major aspects of the face-lift project which our team has taken care of over the past couple of […]

Developing a Credit System for a online Micro-store

Lately, we’ve been busy and when we’re busy we tend to spend more hours working than blogging (I know, it’s unfortunate). Thankfully this week, with the nice weather rolling in and that fresh scent of summer on the way, we’ve managed to find the time to take a little breather and reflect on some our […]

We’re Back on Track, Once Again

After more than a few months of inactivity on our end, I’m  pleased to announce that development on the JaPache Web Solutions professional website is once again under way and back on track. To say we’ve been busy, would be to put it too lightly. I remember making a remark last year, in an earlier […]

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