Tablets are Everywhere

tablet rugged windows tablet

Tablets, tablets, tablets. Tablets are everywhere these days. Sure, I’ve read the sales figures. Last year the tablet market peaked at around $20 million USD, and this year it’s expected to exceed $55 million USD. By 2014 the tablet industry will break the big $200 million USD mark and pretty much become a permanent staple […]

Tablet vs Netbook – The Details on Netbooks

acer netbooks

Smaller, sleeker and sexier – the big three design concepts that every manufacturer and company seems to be adhering to today when it comes to home and on the go computing. The old boxy computers that used to live beneath are desks (not to mention, take up entire rooms a generation ago) are quickly becoming […]

Video Cards – Understanding ATI Card Names

ati logo graphics cards

The biggest challenge that people have to overcome is understanding the numbers. Something that often seems to trump is that larger numbers do not necessarily mean a better video card. It sounds a little counter intuitive, but there is a method to this madness. Take ATI video cards, for example. On the one hand you […]

Video Cards – Then and Now


The world of video cards is a peculiar place. Once upon a time, in the distant land known as the 1990s, video cards were known under a variety of names. Back in the day it wasn’t uncommon for a program to list as a requirement a “3d Accelerator” or a “3d fx card” or a […]

Video Cards – Integrated – Dedicated

nvidia geforece grx 560 one mean card

Integrated vs Dedicated Deciding whether to go integrated or dedicated, when shopping for video cards, is potentially the single most important factor to consider with regards to the overall performance of your PC. Ask yourself the question “what are you looking for?” What do you want your PC to be capable of doing. Are you […]

Code conventions, lazy or untrained?

It’s unbelievable how so many programmers flaunt code conventions to the point that they seem either lazy or untrained! It’s also equally unbelievable how they can get away with it, without the employer knowing anything about what’s going on!  I recently took over a site from a previous developer (who I will not mention) that […]

Gaming Laptops – Things to Consider

So it’s gotten to that point where I am seriously thinking about turning in my old laptop and getting a newer one. As I’ve ranted about in the past, technology moves ahead pretty fast, and the laptops of two years ago are nothing compared to the laptops of today. Nothing could make this more obvious […]

10 Years in Review -Technology- Laptops

It always amazes me how quickly our technology is evolving. Take laptop computers for example; twenty-some-odd years ago these devices were a luxury, used only by the most tech savvy and wealthy business people and professionals. If you owned a laptop you were somehow exceptional. Today, NOT owning a laptop makes you a bit of […]

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